Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy Mew Year

KittyLiterate here. Happy Mew Year and welcome. I resolved to myself (and the puddies) to get my blog up and running for 2009, and voila!, here 'tis. I can't say everyone is as excited as I am, but then Angela Dah-ling had a late night. I'm sure she'll perk up when her Mommy starts writing about her. The other two, the devastatingly handsome and big-boned (not fat) 23-pounder, MacDuff, and his sister, the full-bodied, but shy, Sinead are off somewhere napping as well. Hopefully, my catablogging won't have this effect on everyone.

The buzz for today? Two new books being shelved in bookstores as we speak: NOAH'S NOTEBOOK, a hilarious first-person account of Noah surviving the flood, and THE TEN COMMANDMENTS FOR LITTLE ONES. Do check them out, and KittyLiterate's blog, whenever you can.

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