Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Yes, the world needs more "lerts." But now that I have your attention, I must announce a fun event that can help parents ward off the “We’re-bored-Mommy-Valentine's-Day-Blues."
It's a nifty idea those energetic Indies came up with called, Kids Love Authors Day, and it's taking place on Feburary 14th (natch) all over New England; however, the event you'll find moi at is at Books on the Common in Danbury.
That's right, yours truly, along with six other authors/illustrators, will be at the store from 10:00 to 12:00 to sign our books, talk with the kids, eat all the candy meant for the customers, and answer kids' questions. There will be free Valentines' Day goodies, (unless I've eaten them all), a free raffle with a bunch of the authors' books and a $25 store gift certificate as the prize, plus discounts, balloons....yada, yada, yada.... You get the picture.

The bottomline is: 'twil be something to do with the kiddies on a cold day to celebrate literacy and love. And here, I must give credit to those energetic Indies..... You guys come up with the best ideas! That's why authors love Indies. They take the time and energy to put things together—like kids, authors, and books. What's more, in this instance, they’ve created their own local literary stimulus package. You’ve got to love that. And you've gotta love them.

For more info: Books on the Common is located at 109 Danbury Road, Copps Hill Common, Ridgefield. Call (203) 431-9100 or email HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE.

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