Thursday, February 5, 2009

Oh Yippee! Here Comes Mrs. McGee

There once was a lady named Mrs. McGee
who purchased a coconut in Tennessee.
"I'll open it for you," the grocery man said.
"No, thanks," said the Mrs. "I'll do it instead."

At home, the Mrs. tries everything, including a five-iron to whack, thwack, and crack open her culinary delicacy to no avail. And soon, the coconut takes on a life of its own bounding out of the house and on a riotous romp that has McGee in fast pursuit.

I must say, I rather love, love, love this book and Peter Cottrill, the illustrator did a fab job bringing the Mrs. to life. Anyway, the good news is Mrs. McGee's Coconut has just been released and is online and in stores, just waiting for you to pick her up and bring her home.

This is my first jacketed picture book, and I must say, (at the risk of being called bold and pompous) it's a real keeper. And you can get it in paperback as well, if your pocketbook, like mine, has months in it.
In addition to the humorous, spot-on watercolors, each spread has a cliffhanger that keeps you turning the page for more. Though a mother isn't supposed to have favorites, I must admit Mrs. McGee is really special. She hopes you like her, too.

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