Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cats Come Clean in New Tell-All Book

Eat your heart out, Kitty Kelly. Kitty Literate has it over you, paws down. Come June 1st,....just 40 days from hence...the most sought-after tell-all book about cat shenanagins will finally hit the shelves (though Amazon's taking pre-orders now....for those who really can't wait).

Ah-yup, with the help of dozens of my cats' compadres--puddies who've wanted to come clean for years, but who've never had the nerve before--I've put together an expose of singular sins, extensive bad habits, and down-right off-the-wall behaviors these repentent cats want to get off their chests.

(For example, cats spill the beans about licking the salt off the potato chips left for guests; or using their dad's toothbrush; or having pool parties in the tub when their mom's away for the weekend; or introducing the cayote to the neighbor's small yapping dog. And that's just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.)  It takes a lot of guts to make these admissions, and even more moxie to allow them to go public. Indeed, and I applaud each and every puddie who consented to this book.

Still, we all know how cat-hardic the act of coming clean can be. And I'm happy to say these redeemed puddies can now hold their whiskers high and be an example to thousands...maybe even millions of litters who could now avoid these untoward behaviors which could possibly damage the special bond they have with other creatures, be they two-legged, or four.

So there you have, cat lovers.  Be sure to pick up a copy of this searing and at the same time, side-splitting book, and if you email me, I'll send you a signed bookplate.

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