Monday, May 31, 2010

The Cat Is Finally Out of the Bag... But Why Was He In There In The First Place?

Okay, cat's a kitty treat I hope you can't resist.  We know the cat has finally come out of the bag, and that CAT CONFESSIONS: A KITTY-COME-CLEAN TELL-ALL BOOK is now available at all book stores, both real and virtual (and if it's not, please ask your bookseller/retailer to please stock it).

To celebrate this auspicious occasion, Kitty Literate
(moi) is running a fun contest: Tell me in one or two short paragraphs, what this cat is (was) doing in the bag (luggage) in the first place, and win a chance for a FREE, autographed book, or the grand prize of one loverly piece of luggage which your own cat can have her/his way with.

All entries must be different from what's written in my book and should be left as comments by June 25th.
Any inappropriate posts will not be published. My three cats will be judges, and we'll announce the winners on or near July 25th. (At which point, I will ask for your email addresses so I can arrange for your prizes to be delivered.).  We will give away four books and one piece of luggage.

So write away, have fun, and check back for the winners.

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  1. We're going to put our thinking ears on!