Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mommy's Got a Brand New Book

Okay, kitties, listen up.  Mommy's got a brand-new book.  It's from Zondervan and it's filled with fun flaps, and the most eye-catching illustrations ever. 

She just got the advance copy and that was the big scream of joy you heard the other day.

Mommy knows kids are gonna love it. But she also thinks adults will really enjoy the stylistic illustrations drawn by our friend, Nadine Wickenden.

So, what's in it for kitties?  Well, there's the wonderful story of the miracle of the loaves and fish.  You know, when Jesus takes five loaves and two fish, prays to His Father, and they turn into enough food to feed 5,000.

There is also the story of the noisiest boat and lots of fun flaps to open to find out what the animals are saying.

Anyway, puddies, tell everyone you know that MacDuff's mommy hopes he or she picks up a copy and enjoys this new book.  We did.

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