Sunday, February 20, 2011

This Is What Mommy's Been Doing......Besides Scratching Under Our Chins

Okay, so now, this is the other book Mommy was working on instead of writing this blog. It's called, THANK YOU, GOD, From Kids Around the World, and it's got a lot of nice pictures in it too. Plus the flaps open for surprises, and there are cats painted inside, though they don't look like us, but then, Mommy promised to do a book just on us...some day... I wonder when some day is?

Anyway, this book is from Zonderkidz and comes out in September.... We read it and gave it four stars..... The good news: though Mommy is pretty busy, she always has time to play wiggle the bug and throw the mousie with us. Oh, and treat time is every day at 4.  We love Mommy....

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