Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hilarious New Book Explains Why Cats Are Better Than You Know Who...

Okay, okay, okay....Mommy  admitted it. She confessed she did write that dog book, but it was only to get extra money to buy us new genuine imitation cubic zirconium diamond with organic emerald encrusted collars. So I guess it's okay.

Plus, she wrote this new book on why those other animals will always play second fiddle to us puddies no matter how many of their owners protest.

This new book isn't out until next year....but MacDuff wanted everyone to know Mommy hadn't gone over to the dark (dog) side.

Hey, we read it and it's not only side-splitting, it's all 100 percent true.

That's it.....I hear the treat bag rustling...gotta go! Oh this new book is from Mommy's favorite publisher, Harvest House....

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