Thursday, January 26, 2012


Okay, folks, here it is: Mom's new cat book.  It officially pubs February 1st. But it's available now from Amazon; B&, and a zillion other on-line stores.

Okay, so after eight cat books, you'd think Mom would run out of ideas. But, then again, with MacDuff, Sinead, and myself around to inspire her, she'll has enough fodder to last a lifetime. So anyway, I may be prejudiced, but this book is hiss-terical.  All my friends say it's the best Mom's ever written. Why?  Well because for once and for all, it ends the controversy over which animal is the best....not that WE ever had any doubts.  But, you know there were some folks out there who just didn't get it.

So Mom canvassed myself and a bunch of my friends to get the skinny on why we feel cats are better. We got so many answers, it was hard for Mom to pare them all down to fit this book.

Anyway, here' one of my favorites:

And there are a lot more where this came from. I just don't want to spoil it by giving stuff away.  So. okay, and so here's the link:  I also have to say that song, you know the one with the lyrics, "I'd rather be a hammer than a nail," got it all wrong. Why, because there are zillions of us felines, who'd rather be neither.  We just rather be a cat. 

If you're an ailurophile, I just know you're going love, love, love this book. And if you like dogs, well, sorry 'bout that.

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  1. I don't like cats that much but I'm interested to read on this book. Want to have a copy of it.