Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I'll sneak in your house and use your toothbrush to clean my tongue....
Okay, now that I have your attention....I'm here to tell you what this blog is really all about and that's marketing, marketing, marketing. See I'm in this book called DOG CONFESSIONS: SHOCKING TALES STRAIGHT FROM THE DOGHOUSE, a tell-all expose (in which I unleash my guilt) and well, I'm being hounded by the author, Allia, to develop an idea to get the word out. So here's what I dug up: A contest. Pretty unique, huh, huh, huh?  Anyway, take a photo of yourself with your pet dog, fish, hamster, cat (ewww) or whatever, send it to me in the comment section. Then myself and a group of other hang-dogs will do some judging and pick a winner.  Whaddayouget? One hundred smackeroonies ($100 in human money not bisquits.) and publication here, FB, Twitter, and weblinks and all kinds of techie stuff. 

Oh, and the contest starts.......on your mark, get and ends April 2, 2012. Oh and if any of my friends see me on this cat blog and wonder what I'm doing here, youze guys, it's business...strictly business, and you does what you have to. See. So kee the comments to yourselves.

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