Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cats Demand Smaller Books for Ease of Reading....

While I love to sit in the sun, I actually really love reading books more. Problem is, though, not being polydactol,  it's hard for me to hold the book open and turn the pages.

I'm saving for a Kindle, but in the meantime, I asked Mom if she could create some smaller-sized books we can all enjoy.

And she did.  Her friend, Bernadette Kazmarski's fab four did a review of them, and they noted the smaller size is just perfect for them... and it's much easier for them to turn the smaller pages with their noses. They are so clever (but then, they're black cats like I am....and we're superior thinkers, if I do say so myself.)

You can read all about it, and get their impression of the books @

Oh, and two more things:  You can cast your vote for your favorite animal (cat or dog, as if there were any contest) AND win a free book.

Look over Bernadette's blog.  It has lots of kewl stuff, like great art and super photos, and intelligent writing. So it's a win, win, win situation.


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