Thursday, March 22, 2012


Wow, Mom thought she wrote a lot!  But she admits, her friend, Clea Simon has her beat. "Clea's books are, like real gown-ups' pictures in them like mine," Mom said..... "They're novels...with characters you can really care about, mysteries you can really get caught up in, and animals who're...well, almost human."

Mom's reading GREY MATTERS, a Dulcie Schartz feline mystery, right now, and when she finished, she's gonna go back and read all the rest.

Oh, and like Mom, Clea went over to the "dawg" side and wrote DOGS DON'T LIE, a Pru Marlowe mystery.  Now we cats might sniff at this being that it's about that other animal, but the critics adored it:

 [C]risp writing and polished plot are a pleasure from start to finish. — Robin Agnew on Dogs Don’t Lie.
A tightly plotted and interesting mystery, with a strong underlying flavor of 'Nancy Drew up grown.' — Beth Kanell, Kingdom Books, Waterford, VT.
Simon writes a high-quality cozy mystery, well paced and plotted, with plenty of twists. — Booklist (starred review).....

Fact is, readers loved this canine who-dun-it so much, they clamored for more.... And, fingers flying, mind churning, Clea didn't disappoint. To wit: CATS CAN'T SHOOT, her second in the series which is officially out in two weeks, but on Amazon right now:

And, to keep Dulcie Schwartz readers happy, she produced number four in the series: GREY EXPECTATIONS:

Now, I don't know how Clea does it: how she writes all these neat books so well and so fast. But, hey, we're thankful she does. 

Anyway, we gotta go take our naps.... So check out and read some of these page-turners; MacDuff, Sinead and Mom highly recommend them; and for more of the same (or to count how many more books Clea has written and what they're all about; go to 



  1. All this attention is making me purr, says Musetta. And now I need a nap. (thank you!)

  2. Thanks for having me, Allia! Purrs to all!

  3. That's a too cute cat. I have one too, he's very sweet and cuddly.