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Children’s Trade Books:
Bunnies Are For Kissing, Tiger Tales
Mrs. McGee’s Coconut Smelly Feet Sandwich and Other Silly Poetry, Tiger Tales
What I Like About Me, Reader’s Digest (Most Outstanding Book for Preschoolers by MOM’s Choice Award; iParenting Award Best Product of 2005) over 100,000 in print
What I Like About Me! Teacher’s Edition, Reader’s Digest
What I Do Best, Reader’s Digest (Teacher’s Choice Award)
My Creepy Closet, Reader’s Digest
My Nasty Backpack, Reader’s Digest
The Secret Fairy Garden, Reader’s Digest
I Love You the World, Reader’s Digest
Something Yummy for Sunny, Reader’s Digest
Let’s Play Lily, Reader’s Digest
Boo to You, Too, Reader’s Digest (pseudonym Halle Wein)
Witchie’s Surprise Treat, Reader’s Digest (pseudonym Halle Wein)
The Easter Surprise (pseudonym Desmond Finbarr), Reader’s Digest
Christmas Surprise (pseudonym Desmond Finbarr), Reader’s Digest
The Best Gift (pseudonym Desmond Finbarr), Reader’s Digest
Princess Jeweliana’s Party, Reader’s Digest
Princess Jeweliana’s Bath Book, My Bubbly Day, Reader’s Digest
Princess Jeweliana and the Sparkling Rainbow Ball, Reader’s Digest
Look At Me: A Book About Differences, Reader’s Digest
Bugillions!: A Book About Numbers
See the Sea: A Book About Colors
Bugillions! (Spanish version)
Look At Me: (Spanish version)
See the Sea: (Spanish version)
My Ten Wishes, Reader’s Digest
Sabrina, the Toy Ballerina, Reader’s Digest
The Littlest Princess, Reader’s Digest
The Secret Fairy Garden, Reader’s Digest
Sailor Duck, Reader’s Digest

Religious Children’s Books
The Little Lost Angel, Readers Digest U.K.
The Newborn King: The Story of the First Christmas, Reader’s Digest
The Big Green Submarine, Standard Publishing
The Busy Fire Engine, Standard Publishing
God Loves Funny Bugs, Family Christian Stores
Growing Up With God, Family Christian Stores
There’s A Bear in God’s Woods, Standard Publishing
There’s A Lion in God’s Jungle, Standard Publishing
There’s A Rabbit in God’s Garden, Standard Publishing
Lift-the Flap Bible Adventures, Kregel
Lift-the-Flap Nativity, Reader’s Digest, Standard Publishing
Lift-the Flap Moses’ Great Adventures
God’s Fantastic Frogs, Standard Publishing
God’s Solar System, Standard Publishing
The Human Body God Made, Standard Publishing
God’s Earth Forces, Standard Publishing
God Made the World, Standard Publishing
Baby Jesus Is Born, Standard Publishing
Noah and the Ark, Standard Publishing
Jesus and the Children, Standard Publishing
Baby’s Bedtime Bible Stories, Reader’s Digest, Standard Publishing
Good Night, God Bless, Harvest House
The First Christmas, Reader’s Digest, Standard Publishing
Follow the Star, Reader’s Digest, Standard Publishing
Curious Camel, Standard Publishing
Little Donkey, Standard Publishing
Noah and the Animals, Reader’s Digest
The Shepherd and the Lost Sheep, Reader’s Digest
The Story of Creation, Reader’s Digest
The Story of Baby Moses, Reader’s Digest
Baby’s First Bible Songs, Reader’s Digest, Standard Publishing
Little Chick, Standard Publishing
Build-a-Story Nativity, Reader’s Digest, U.K.
Baby’s First Church Book, Reader’s Digest
Martha and Mary’s House, Zondervan
Zacchaeus’ House, Zondervan
Lucy Ladybug Learns Numbers, Standard Publishing
Timmy Turtle Learns Colors, Standard Publishing
Grow and Learn With God, Family Christian Stores
God Made Funny Bugs, Family Christian Stores
The Little Lost Lamb, Standard Publishing
Count Your Blessings, Kregel
Peek and Find Bible Stories, Reader’s Digest, Concordia
Peek and Find Nativity, Concordia
Children in the Bible, Reader’s Digest, Standard Publishing
Bible Guess Who? Reader’s Digest
Baby Jesus Is Born, a Touch and Feel Book, Reader’s Digest
Bible Hero Adventures, Reader’s Digest, Broadman & Holman
Bible Friend Adventures, Reader’s Digest, Broadman & Holman
Two by Two, Reader’s Digest
The First Christmas, Reader’s Digest
My Bible Story Collection, Reader’s Digest
Noah’s Big Boat, Reader’s Digest
God Special Treat, Regina Press
God’s Special Surprise, Regina Press
Children in the Bible, Standard
What God Made, Reader’s Digest, Kregel
God’s Oak Tree, Kregel
The Amazing Life of Jesus, Kregel
Little Cricket’s Joyous Song, Kregel
Bible Animal Friends, Kregel
Fiery Bible Tales, Kregel
Count Your Blessings, Kregel
Bible Story Movie Theater Book
God Made You, Tommy Nelson
Little Fuzzy Lamb, Tommy Nelson
What Do You See, Tommy Nelson
Who Does God Love, Tommy Nelson
Busy, Busy Baby, Tommy Nelson
Puppy and Me, Tommy Nelson
Noah and the Ark Spinner Book, Reader’s Digest
God’s Wonderful Plan, Kregel
God’s Winter Wonderland, Kregel
When God Tucks In the Day, Kregel
God’s Lights, Shining Bright, Kregel
Baby’s First Bible and DVD, Reader’s Digest
Are You There, God? Reader’s Digest
Bible Stories Movie Theater, Reader’s Digest
My Giant Book of Jesus’ Miracles, Standard Publishing
My Giant Book of Bible Stories, Reader’s Digest
Baby in the Manager, Standard Publishing
God Loves You, Little One, Kregel
God’s Rainbow, Kregel
Veggie Tales… Adventures in FairandSquaresville, Big Idea
Veggie Tales… Duke and the Knight Watchman, Big Idea
God’s Oak Tree, Kregel
One Special Me, Tommy Nelson (08)
The Ten Commandments for Little Ones, Harvest House
Noah’s Notebook (Series of three books) Harvest House
The Bible According to Kids, Harvest House
Daniel’s Diary, Harvest House
The Dreamy, Fishy, Happy Bible Story Flap Book, Zondervan
Moses' Memory Book/Harvest House

Electronic Talking Books
Noah’s Ark, Story Reader
The Story of Creation, Story Reader
God Night, God Bless, Story Reader
Baby’s Bedtime Bible Stories, Story Reader
Bible Adventures, Story Reader

Adult Trade Humor Books:
The Joy of Being Single, illustrated by Roz Chast, Workman (200,000 in print)
The Joy of Being Fifty, illustrated by Roz Chast, Workman
Everything I Know About the Rat Race I Learned From My Cat, llustrated by Nicole Hollander, Andrews McMeel
101 Reasons a Cat Is Better Than a Man, illustrated by Nicole Hollander, Adams (over 200,000 in print)
101 More Reasons a Cat Is Better Than a Man, illustrated by Nicole Hollander, Adams
Women Who Love Cats Too Much, illustrated by Nicole Hollander, Adams (80,000)
Why Cats Make Great Kids, illustrated by Nicole Hollander, Adams
Younger Men Are Better Than Retin-A, CCC Publications, illustrated by Steve Skelton
202 Reasons Why A Cat Is Better Than A Man, illustrated by Nicole Hollander, Barnes & Noble
The Worrywart’s Prayer Book, Health Communications, Inc.
Purr More, Hiss Less:Heavenly Lessons I Learned From My Cat, illustrated by Erika Oller
Cat Confessions: A Kitty Come Clean Tell All Book

Religious Adult Book
The Worrywart's Prayer Book

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